About us

Promint is an internationally operating consultancy and management office specialised in subsidy applications. Our specialities consist of preparing and supervising applications for (EU) subsidies for governments, non-profit organisations and businesses.

Promint has been active on the market since 1998 and has gathered a lot of (international) experience. This experience has helped us improve our skills, namely nominating and formulating promising projects which appeal internationally. These projects have a greater chance of receiving a (European) subsidy. Our experience helps us with developing and providing workshops and courses, and drafting subsidy programmes for governments.

This website will provide an impression into the way we work, our core businesses and our completed projects and applications of the past few years. You will also find practical information on Promint Projectmanagement. Our brochure is available to you should you want more information about our expertise and experience. If you have any questions, feel free to let us know. We would be happy to make an appointment with you.


Promint has collaborated with many other consultancy firms and forms relations in order to be aware of innovations and market trends in different fields.

Our agency and Adviesbureau Wim van Hooff have shown to be a strong team in our field over the past few years. Our years of experience with governments, institutions and companies help us to identify with our clients and their current situations. Our training and jobs have educated us and provided us with basic knowledge of many different areas in the relevant topics for subsidy applications, like social and economic topics.

We have currently had successes in subsidy applications for many companies and institutions, e.g. multiple European Interreg programmes (like border region Flanders- the Netherlands and North West Europe), the Dutch Operational programme for Regional Development (OP-Zuid) and the Leaderprogramme. We also have experience with URBACT, Life, European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development’ (POP3) and UIA applications, as well as National and Provincial grant applications.


For the European 2014-2020 period we have created a brochure to further explain our vision, work ethic and experience with former projects. Download the brochure here

For the next European programme period 2021-2028 we have made a new flyer. In addition to our vision and way of working, we also explain our new program of courses and masterclasses to extend our knowledge on European fundraising. Download the flyer here.

Partners Plu(s)

From January 1st 2005, four consultancy firms have been active in Breda on the same address. They each have their own speciality and are working individually. One of the best things about this situation is that knowledge is being shared, projects are collaborated on and the colleagues are great conversation partners. Enough PLU(s) points for everyone. The partners are:


NL RNT stands for nature, landscapes, recreation and tourism, the field in which they are active and skilled. NL RNT is an association, which has been created by Wim van Hooff and Theo de Bruin. www.nlrnt.nl

Projectbureau Vrolijks

Projectbureau Vrolijks is a small consultancy firm which dedicates itself to tourism and recreation. In the past few years Projectbureau Vrolijks has become one of the best  watersports experts in The Netherlands. www.vrolijks.nl

Versteegen Support & Promotions

Versteegen Support & Promotions is a small specialized agency which has been active since 1995 and has proved itself in stimulating and coordinating different projects and collaborations in tourism and the catering industry. www.versteegensupport.nl