Core businesses

Promint’s core activities include providing general advice, preparing and managing of complete applications, as well as providing workshops and drafting up subsidy programmes. We have supervised many projects over the past years. In order to perform the activities properly, we use an up-to-date database to advise our clients as sufficiently as possible.

We can divide our activities in a few core businesses.

Subsidy advisor

More and more organisations are in need of a single point of contact for their subsidy-related questions. Someone who will quickly tell you what is possible. We are the right company for this job, as we can view all possible subsidy opportunities in our up-to-date database, in all areas. Are you looking for a professional point of contact, look no further!

Performing subsidy scans

Organisations often want to know what opportunities lay ahead. Preforming a subsidy scan or quickscan can be a great solution, as this scan provides the client with a quick understanding of what their possibilities are for certain projects or in-house business processes (sustainability, education, etc.). The possibilities based on an analysis are explained concisely in a comprehensible report. We are open to further explain the possibilities available to you and your organisation.

Preparing subsidy applications

Subsidy applications come in many shapes and sizes. Sometimes it is an easy procedure which involves filling out a short application form. In many cases, however, it involves a broader application process and providing a project plan. When the application involves a European subsidy, international interests and culture differences are to be taken into account as well. Promint has much experience in preparing different kinds of applications. We even dare say we are experts in preparing transnational applications. Many applications have been submitted successfully. We are confident in our way of working. We would be happy to explain this further in a private meeting.

Providing project management

Providing quality management of a subsidy application is a tough job. It doesn’t just require understanding of the guidelines of the subsidy programme, but also the understanding of the process of the project itself. An added point is that in many EU-programmes, collaboration is mandatory. Therefore, the project manager has to be a . They must keep the partner’s interests, culture differences, language knowledge as well as understanding of EU-procedures and guidelines in mind. All of this to ensure maximal utilization of the awarded subsidy. We can provide you with extensive information about the role of a project manager and how they can be of service to your organisation.

Workshops and other activities

Because of our years of experience handling (European) subsidies, Promint has developed and supervised a Masterclass European Projects. We provide in-house training and workshops which rely on our own experiences in the field, and guide staff in the application process. We have also set op subsidy programmes and subsidy regulations for an EU-programme (Leader) and a regional subsidy programme. If you would like to know more about the training programme or about the set up of a subsidy programme, feel free to contact us.

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